Personalized Engraved Pyrex Baking Dish


Personalized with your recipe. Laser engraved with our state-of-the-art commercial laser engraving machine. Perfect for a wedding gift, a housewarming gift, or wanting to treat Mom.

Product Details

  • 9"x 13" x 1.5" deep Pyrex Dish
  • Includes a red Pyrex plastic lid for safe food storage
  • Custom Laser Engraved
  • Provided in partnership with Rustic Route Design
  • Made in the USA

Care Instructions

  • Dishwasher safe on the top rack
  • Microwave safe, Refrigerator safe, Pre-heated oven safe
Customize Your Baking Dish

Perfect for everyday use, as home decor, or as a stunning gift.

Gift it.

Keep it.

Show it off.

Why choose a personalized engraved pyrex baking dish? 

It's entirely unique.

Whether you choose your own recipe or a loved one's, this design is exclusive to you and your family. Let the waterworks commence. 

It's the perfect gift.

Your recipient is guaranteed to love the sentimental quality of your personalized engraved pyrex baking dish. Each time they reach for it, they'll be reminded of the joy and the sweet story behind your special recipe.

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PYREX DISH DISCLAIMER: We cannot remove or engrave around they Pyrex logo. ALL Pyrex dishes have this logo and it WILL be part of your dish. Some Pyrex dishes do have minor glass imperfections that occur during the manufacturing process. The engraving may also be light in some small locations due to the minor lead content in the glass. We cannot make the sections darker and they will not fade over time. We will not issue refunds or replacements for these minor imperfections as we cannot control the placement or size of such imperfections created by Pyrex.