Cookbook Tips for Thanksgiving

Collect family recipes at Thanksgiving, and give the perfect gift at Christmas.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to collect all your family recipes at once. This year, instead of just asking to Uncle Joe to bring his Pumpkin Pie, ask for the recipe as well.

Here a few tips for gathering everything you need to make a cookbook over Thanksgiving.

Ask your guests to bring their recipe cards.

Even if they take them back home, you can always snap a picture of them with your smart phone and type them up later.

Take pictures of the


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Optimize Your Photos!

Hey Cookbookers!

We’ve got some photo advice to share to make sure that your photos are looking their best.

We recommend that photos be at least 300 dpi. You can typically get this quality by taking the original file that came from your camera. If you’re using a scanner, make sure that you set your scanning software to 300 dpi. While photos of lower dpi have published to the satisfaction of many customers, we always encourage you to use the highest quality images possible.

Several photos that are found online have been compressed so that the web page they are


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Welcome To 2014!

Hello cookbookers,

Thank you so much for a great 2013. We have an exciting 2014 ahead of us. Whether you’re a returning customer or just finding out how fun creating a custom cookbook can be, we are here to make sure that your experience is as rewarding as possible.

Have you taken advantage of using the advanced features? If not, you can add two recipes to a page or photos to recipe pages.

To take advantage of the feature to add two recipes to a page or photos to recipe pages, click on the page in the page navigator you


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Creating Your Own Recipe Book as a Gift

Many of you have written in telling us how the cookbook you created “brought tears” when you gave it as a gift. Creating a recipe book is easy, but there are definitely some tips that make creating a cookbook to give away as a gift easier.

  • Get Help from friends and family. You can invite contributors using the “group project” mode. It makes it easy to work together with your friends and family. Giving the cookbook to a bride-to-be? Invite the other bridesmaids. Giving it to mom for mothers day? How about getting your sisters, cousins, or aunts in

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Holiday Cookbooks

The holidays are just around the corner and the time to find those meaningful gifts is upon us. gives you the opportunity to compile and publish your very own cookbook to share with your family and friends. These books are as personal as it gets and publishing starts at just $19.95! Enjoy exciting features like customizable covers, section dividers, and multiple recipe pages, just to name a few. Want to have multiple recipes per page? Just ask.

Sign up today and realize the fun and rewarding experience that will be sure to bring joy to everyone. Our software is


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