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Ashley - Nov 19, '19 - Cookbook Stories

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Meet Rebecca.

Her greatest inspiration for her cookbook was her mom who hand-wrote her own cookbook when she was 18 years old. Her mom is now 54. “I grew up using my mom’s cookbook, especially during Christmas time for Christmas baking, and it definitely looks like it’s on its last leg,” says Rebecca. She moved away from home for the first time last year and was always messaging her mom asking her to send pictures of her recipes. Rebecca decided enough was enough and kidnapped her cookbook and held it hostage for a few weeks while she created a cookbook that would give new life to her mom’s recipes.

During the process of creating her cookbook, Rebecca was most impressed with the pre-made formats on CreateMyCookbook. “They make it so easy to just type the recipes up as is, and they basically have all the formatting done for you! A project I thought would take months only ended up taking 10 days!”

Rebecca’s mom’s cookbook has a multitude of recipes, but the one that is most significant is her mom’s “marshmallow slice.” They made it every Christmas and it’s in the top ranks of Rebecca’s most favorite treats! “It’s been a while since I made it, and I never realized how easy it really is. Now I make marshmallow slice any time of the year!”

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She’s created new memories thanks to the creation of her personalized cookbook. She surprised her mom by coming home early for the family Christmas dinner.

“It was pretty early in the morning and my sister was still asleep so my mom and I decided to exchange gifts then. First, I gave her back her old cookbook which she was so happy to have back, then she opened up her new cookbook and it brought her to tears. I also got one for my older and younger sister so that we could always have her recipes with us no matter where we live. My mom couldn’t stop bragging about how amazing the gift I got her for was to all my family that came over later in the day!”

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your story. If you would like to share your cookbook story, we would love to hear it! Share it here.

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