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Ashley - Sep 24, '20 - Cookbook Stories


Meet Denise.

Her greatest inspiration for her cookbook was her mother-in-law Phyllis. "She is an amazing cook," says Denise. "No matter the occasion, holiday or event she always has a wonderful meal. She uses many cookbooks and also has a special recipe box that sits on her counter. But the best recipes are the ones she knows by heart! I wanted those recipes!"

During the process of creating her cookbook, she was happiest with how easy CreateMyCookbook's software is to use! "It was very easy to write but also easy to edit. I was able to print sample pages so Phyllis could help edit it. This was a group project!" She adds, "It was also easy to add pictures. I was worried about that, but it was simple. I also liked the formatting options. It was fun to work with it and make a recipe stand out."

Her cookbook has a multitude of recipes, but the one that is most significant is for the Kringla cookie. "Everyone associates Phyllis with her Kringla or '8' cookie! She has been making it for over 55 years! It is always in her freezer ready for anyone who stops by. All 17 of her grandkids have all made it with her at least once. We took a picture of her Kringla on her favorite Irish platter."

She’s created new memories thanks to the creation of her personalized cookbook. "Everyone who reads it has a story to tell about a recipe in the cookbook," says Denise. "They say something like 'I remember when Aunt Phyllis made that' or 'That was my favorite when I went to her house'. It also shares her story of cooking that many of us didn't know. It really helped me get to know my mother in law better. I learned not only about cooking but also about her life."

Thank you, Denise, for sharing your story! If you would like to share your cookbook story, we would love hear it!

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