Creating Your Own Recipe Book as a Gift

Courtney - Apr 06, '13 - Organization

Many of you have written in telling us how the cookbook you created “brought tears” when you gave it as a gift. Creating a recipe book is easy, but there are definitely some tips that make creating a cookbook to give away as a gift easier.

  • Get Help from friends and family. You can invite contributors using the “group project” mode. It makes it easy to work together with your friends and family. Giving the cookbook to a bride-to-be? Invite the other bridesmaids. Giving it to mom for mothers day? How about getting your sisters, cousins, or aunts in on the mix.
  • Set a deadline for yourself. Almost all of us work better when we have a set date to get things done. Remember to allow time for manufacturing and shipping of your cookbook.
  • Use your existing recipes. We never delete your recipes, and when you create another book, you can just drag those recipes into your page navigator without retyping. It really is a cake walk to create another book after your first.
  • Use a Custom Photo for the Cover. This really makes a book personal. Remember, it doesn’t just have to be about food. Many people use far more photos of family and friends than food in their cookbooks, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Happy creating.

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