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Learn about how we can help you build brand loyalty offline and online, monetize your recipes, and engage your audience.

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You've got a database of recipes. We turn them into a physical cookbook.

Our proprietary RecipeBot takes your recipes and turns them into a physical cookbook your users can love and enjoy. Choose from our different types of experiences to give your users a quick and efficient experience!

The best part: the cookbook process takes MINUTES.

You already have hundreds or thousands of recipes! Our tool takes those recipes and makes them into a cookbook in MINUTES.

We create a platform with your branding for your users to make their own cookbooks with your recipes.

We handle the fulfillment and printing of the cookbooks – sending them straight to your users door!

Introducing: RecipeBot

CreateMyCookbook created the first ever bot that organizes your recipes. Our tool can automatically pull ingredients, directions, images, categories, and tags from your recipe and create a cookbook from them. It’s like magic!

Extract, categorize, organize recipes based on your users’ preferences.

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You provide the recipes. We do everything else.

Put those recipes to work. Monetize your recipes using more than just ads. With us, you can provide a printed, physical cookbook to share your recipes directly with your users.

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We currently offer three experiences for users to engage with your recipes.

Our recipe synthesizer sorts the recipes, but we help users make a cookbook in MINUTES using our three experiences:

Chapter Picker

You create curated collections of your recipes. Users add those collections to the cookbooks, creating a speedy book!


We ask your users a series of questions and then create a cookbook based on their answers. Just like that.

Chapter Themes

We ask users to select their chapters based on popular themes. The fastest cookbook there is!