It's nice having a second set of eyes! Let us review your cookbook for you.

We provide:

  • Warnings of issues where text is overflowing pages
  • Photo resolution concerns
  • Potential problems with your covers for a specified binding style
  • An overall assessment of any potential issues we see in going to print

We do not provide:

  • Proof reading services (You still need to review all recipes including those done with WeTypeIt.)
  • Assessments of the color, lightness, or darkness of photos or cover

We'll review for any warnings or low resolution photos (AKA - blurry photos).

We'll make sure you have no overflowing contents.

We'll look at your cover to ensure it's perfectly ready for print!

How to purchase:

    When you generate your proofs for your cookbook, the pop-up window will ask you: "Want a second opinion?" Just click "Learn more" and it'll take you to the WeReviewIt page so you can add the service to your cart and checkout.