How to keep connected with family and friends during social distancing

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We know it may seem near impossible to feel connected to your friends and family while we’re all practicing social distancing. Trust me, I’m having a hard time not driving over to my dad’s to hang out with my family during this time. We’ve gone from seeing each other almost every week to not hugging each other in a month! In that time, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep connected so we don’t all lose our minds. I’ll share a few tips with you in case you’re experiencing this too :)


Seriously, if you have Apple products, FaceTime is a lifesaver! My dad and I FaceTime every Sunday to check in and see how everyone’s hanging in. He’s an essential worker for our Fire and Emergency Services in our county so I’m constantly checking in on him to make sure he’s doing alright, but it feels so good to see his face! If you’re going to include your whole family in the FaceTime, I suggest setting up your phone on a tripod or a stable surface so you don’t have to hold it in your hand. That way the whole family can join in without any awkward angles or leaving person on the other end wondering who’s talking! If you don't have Apple products, Google Hangouts and Zoom are great alternatives!



I take pictures of almost every meal my partner and I make and send them to my mom. I also send her a picture any time my cat does something cute (which is all the time!). She returns the favor by sending me her snack pictures and shots of her chihuahuas chasing each other through the house (their favorite activity). I can pretty much guarantee your family and friends will never get tired of food or animal pictures! Something has to keep us going through quarantine!


Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a browser extension that allows you to watch Netflix shows or movies while you chat with your friends! If one friend pauses the show or movie, yours pauses too! This allows everyone to stay on the same page so you can all collectively chat about the show without spoiling it for anyone! My partner and I set this up with our friends so we could watch the newest Tiger King episode hosted by Joel McHale, and it was amazing! It was just like having them all in our living room except we were safely tucked away in our own homes. You should definitely check it out!


What are some fun ways you're staying connected with family during quarantine? Share them with our CreateMyCookbook - Family Recipe Group!


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