How To Run a Holiday Cookbook Fundraiser Podcast

Guest Blogger - Nov 24, '20 - Cookbook Ideas - Fundraising

We had a wonderful time discussing all the fun ins and outs of a fundraising cookbook! Thank you to K-12 Clothing for including us on such a fun topic! 

K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created full-service apparel company focused on providing high-quality school apparel while increasing access to educational resources through fundraising in schools. K-12 Clothing offers schools uniforms, team uniforms, school spirit wear, and school staff uniforms at a competitive price. Offering a variety of brands, a diverse set of products, and a wide range of sizes all online simplifies the apparel process, allowing schools to avoid order and inventory management. With fundraising built-in, schools can leverage the platform to support various initiatives at their school. You can visit  to learn more.

K-12 Clothing also hosts a podcast, The Multipurpose Room. This podcast helps school organizations and school admins achieve their goals. You can download episodes at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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