Should You Write a Cookbook Proposal?

Guest Blogger - Mar 01, '19 - Guest Blog - Publisher's Corner


We’re bringing in some of our favorite guest bloggers to give pointers and tips for your cookbook. If you're interested in publishing and selling your cookbook, Shaun Chavis is a great resource. Shaun is a James Beard Award-winning journalist and has consulted with hundreds of cookbook authors on how to create a successful cookbook. Here she's shared her advice on why you should write a cookbook proposal.


You’ve decided to finally write your cookbook. Congrats! Where do you start?


As a cookbook editor, I always recommend starting with a book proposal. Sounds boring, I know. It’s much more fun to think about the photos and the recipes!


Whether you're selling your cookbook at the state fair or in bookstores around the country, a proposal has tremendous value.


Here are three reasons why:


Clarify Goals

A proposal helps you clarify your goals for the book. It forces you to think about what you really want to achieve from creating your cookbook. Do you want to use it to market your business, or create deeper relationships with your audience, or get your thought leadership into the world? It’s important to know your goal, so you can build your book around it.


Get Clarity on your Vision

A proposal is a great way to share your vision. It’s likely you’re not going to be the only person involved with your cookbook. Your proposal includes your ideas for your message, your vision for the design and photography, and other specifics about your cookbook. With those details in one document, you can use your proposal to keep everyone to stay on track.  


Define your Return on Investment

A proposal forces you to plan how you’re going to get the return on your investment. Proposals include mini-marketing plans, budgets, and sales projections. By planning with the end in mind, you can make sure the time and money you spend creating your cookbook will be a rewarding experience.

For more details, read “Why you should write a cookbook proposal.” And to start your own proposal, use our proposal builder form.

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