Tips for Gathering Recipes

Ashley - Jul 22, '20 - Cookbook Ideas - Organization


Step one for creating a cookbook is to gather your recipes - and sometimes that can take a lot of time and patience! To help expedite the process, we put together a few tips for gathering up those recipes!

Get the Family Involved

Sometimes you'll be surprised how many recipes you can conjure up just by reaching out to family! We make it super easy to allow your family and friends to drop recipes right into your cookbook. Check out this Help Article on sending contributor invites to start inviting your family and friends today!

Dig out that Recipe Box

If you have a box of old handwritten recipes, we have a super easy and convenient way to get them dropped right into your Recipe Box! Our WeTypeIt service is a quick three-step process. You upload a photo or scan of your recipe, submit it for typing, and once it's been typed by our transcriptionists, you just stick it right into your cookbook. It's that easy!

Find all those recipes on your computer

Maybe your recipes are already all typed up and sitting in a document on your computer just waiting to be dropped into your book. Our program makes it super easy to copy and paste recipes right into your Recipe Box. You can check out this Help Article on importing recipes from electronic sources for more details!

Now that you're all caught up on the latest and greatest recipe knowledge, it's time to get to work! Get back to your cookbook here!

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