Amy's Cooking Class Cookbook

Christina - Jul 07, '18 - Cookbook Ideas - Cookbook Stories

When Amy Zemnick’s son began school, she looked for a cooking class to join. With all the classes being offered in the evenings and weekends, Amy knew these were not viable options for a mom with all the responsibilities mothers face on a daily basis. Yearning for a cooking class that fit her needs, Amy reached out to other women in the area and created her own class.

After finding what Amy describes as "the most wonderful, amazing chef in Chicago," Chef Amanda Skrip, the class began and quickly became known as “Amy Zemnick and friends.” The class focused on natural and healthy eating. Amy explains, "the class turned into a phenomenon, and other women began to create cooking groups and the original 'Amy and friends class' now sits with a waiting list."

Amy's Dishes

After years of classes, Amy had quite the collection of recipes. What do you do when you find yourself with a collection of recipes and need to organize and store them? You make a cookbook with CreateMyCookbook, of course! The team at CreateMyCookbook loves being a part of people's cookbook stories. When we saw Amy’s cookbook cover, we knew this was a unique cookbook with a special story.  We love hearing stories where food brings people together as a community.

Thank you, Amy and Amanda for sharing your story. If you want to learn more about Chef Amanda, click here for a link to her website. If you would like to share your cookbook story, we would love hear it!

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