eBook and Recipe Reader App

  • Recipe Search Provides Modern Convenience
  • Full Book View to browse the full rendering of your book with all it's photos
  • Instant Delivery (no waiting for shipping)
  • Future versions of the same cookbook are free
  • $2.95 per book when purchased alongside a printed copy
  • Give as a gift with just an email
  • Works on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, and PC*

Easy to Get Started

  1. Publish an eCookbook

    Just select eCookbook access when you "Prepare for Publishing" in the book designer

  2. Checkout

    Purchase Copies of your Cookbook that include an eCookbook license

  3. Activate

    Use Activation Codes you receive to Claim your eCookbook. Each Activation Code enables a different person to access the eCookbook on all their devices.

*Kindle, Mac, and PC delivered as PDF. Recipe Reader App Available for Android and iOS. Requires CreateMyCookbook account.