Culture in a Bottle Cookbook for Adventurous Eaters

An Easy and simple way of adding spices from around the world into cooking and bringing life to dishes
By Jeannette Bryant
Includes eCookbook Access
Includes eCookbook Access

About This Book

The culture in a bottle concept started as a way for me to help adventurous eaters experience world cuisine without needing multiple ingredients at hand. I began the culture in a bottle movement to introduce world cuisine to the next generation by using unique spice blends and chili relishes inspired by exotic locations and exciting cooking styles. This way of cooking using blends from the Mola Foods World culture collection is to create awareness about a revolutionary way of adding spices into cooking and bringing life to dishes. I have been interacting with people at the farmers' markets and mini store and I was always asked how can we use Mola Foods spices. The concept is simple. Don't change how you cook your food. Just switch the ingredients you usually use with one of Mola Foods spice blends and enjoy your meal with your family and friends. Create a theme around your cooking. In this cookbook, Jeannette Bryant will explore a little bit of the history of some represented countries, the evolution of cuisine, the connection of food, and the world around us. the similarities of spices used in the kitchen around the world. Not everyone is a great cook and not everyone knows how to follow a recipe to the T. So, we are here to help you with that. Some of you just like to keep life simple by cooking the same thing every day but would love to have a variety of tastes. This book will help you do just that.


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About The Author

Jeannette BryantI was born and raised in Cameroon and have championed African cuisine for many years. I’m a single mother of three, an entrepreneur, and an American immigrant. My love of food began at age 11 when I started cooking for the whole family. I remember seating at my grand mother's feet, watching her create magic in the kitchen. I was 10 years old and amazed at how she was able to make food taste so good every time. She never measured her ingredients to create the yummy meals she served us. She was my hero, my reference for cooking perfect meals. Even today, after her passing, I still remember her teachings as if it was yesterday. I never understood the importance of measuring ingredients until I started to run Mola Foods. As the head of Mola Foods, I realize, I needed to learn to measure, calculate, and implement recipes. With this in mind, I started creating flavor profiles to help those who lack the time and skillsets to do so themselves; but would love to eat tasty meals. I began Mola Foods to introduce world cuisine to the next generation and become the newest kitchen staple.