The Revolutionize Cookbook

By Revolutionize Nutrition

About This Book

Since opening RevolutioniZe Nutrition in 2013, our members and followers have been asking the owners and staff for a cookbook, to provide easy and delicious recipes that they can make while on the program, and to help them be most successful! In order to help further, and to make the experience at RevolutioniZe Nutrition even more enjoyable while our members smash their goals, RevolutioniZe Co-Owner, Michele Zandman - Frankel, and Nutrition Coach, Lauren White, joined forces to create a cookbook filled with healthy, “macro-friendly” recipes! With this PACKED RevolutioniZe original recipe cookbook, members can stay on track, without eliminating the flavors of their favorite foods! With Lauren's culinary background, she was able to work with Michele on creating mouthwatering dishes that would yield a ton of flavor, as well as provide an advantageous macronutrient balance. Our REVOLUTIONIZE COOKBOOK is a collaboration of Michele and Lauren’s original recipes, client favorites, and recipes shared by our outstanding staff of nutritionists. Altogether, this cookbook contains 79 recipes, including but not limited to: breakfast, poultry, beef, seafood, vegan, salads, snacks, desserts, sides, and more! If this book is as successful as anticipated, Michele and Lauren will be working on Volume II in the coming future. Stay tuned! Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your new and very own, REVOLUTIONIZE COOKBOOK!


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Revolutionize Nutrition RevolutioniZe has developed an exclusive nutritional program that can be adapted to anyone's specific goals. Together, we carve a path to health and happiness through a solid support system that optimizes your fitness and nutrition. We have expertise in all areas of nutrition including fat loss, muscle gain, body transformation, overall health for the every day life, to nutrition for NPC bikini and figure competitions. Whether you want to slim down and practice a healthy lifestyle or you need a contest prep coach for your next NPC fitness competition, we have the programs to fit your needs.