Clean Your Plate

By Chef Sallie Lardy

About This Book

Where your food comes from matters. Clean You Plate focuses on wholesome, clean ingredients, sourced from local farmers, ranchers and artisans. From tasty breakfasts to treats you can feel good about, you're sure to find some favorites to add to your weekly meal rotation!


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About The Author

Chef Sallie LardyAfter working as a personal chef for multiple clients for the past few years, I am now working as a private chef for one awesome family. On a limited basis, I still offer small event (under 20 guests) catering, virtual and in-home cooking classes, as well as answer food-related questions and create recipes on request. I am also a recipe developer and guest blogger for various food related websites, and am working on launching my own line of custom herb and spice blends and several additional cookbook projects. Stay tuned!