Off-Grid Entertaining

with Minarets Pack Station
By Mikki Terzian
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About This Book

Off-Grid Entertaining with Minarets Pack Station is a collection of recipes that I use in my kitchen at work and at home. My book covers meal planning, preparation, and serving meals for our family, friends, guests, and employees. I talk about how to create seasonings and rubs for meats, how to plan meals for guests with different dietary needs and about how to change a recipe to better fit an occasion. The meals I prepare must be well balanced, high in proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Living, working, riding and hiking in the Sierra National Forest and Ansel Adam's Wilderness requires a lot of energy. Healthy meals help to aid in good decision-making skills, and one also sleeps better on a full stomach. When you're a guest with us, you'll eat well, and experience the stories around the supper table! My book describes the services Minarets Pack Station offers the Outdoorsman. The pack station offers Private Glamping Tent Cabins, Day or Half Day Rides with a lunch and a Packer, Group Gatherings are welcomed, and there is a wedding venue available in the East Meadow. When you book with us, YOUR group is the ONLY group on site. Our Packers, and mules will pack in your gear while you hike at leisure to reach a prearranged destination. Our crew drops off the gear and can return to pick up at a later date. We provide a service that promotes aid to the Hiker to hike many trails for their years to come. Reservations are a must. See you soon.


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About The Author

Mikki TerzianHi, my name is Mikki Terzian. I do like to cook. Putting these recipes together was my off-season winter project. It was hard to write this cookbook because I usually don't measure anything. My recipes are basic guidelines for what I know. I've left Recipe Note pages in the book so the reader can change, add, or subtract out ingredients and make a new recipe. Try not to get locked up in the kitchen for too long during the day. There's more to do outside! My husband Tracy and I are owner/operators of Minarets Pack Station. Our pack station is located on Miller Meadow in the Sierra National Forest of California. We are a family-oriented business and look forward to every season. Our kids are grown now, all but our youngest one. She's a firecracker and smart to boot. Our family has always been involved with FFA, and my husband Tracy taught the Mule Program at Reedley College. We took college students to compete at Bishop Mule Days for a few years. They learned a lot about themselves. I have a degree in Forestry and Natural Resources from Reedley College with wildlife and silviculture as my main focus. I've studied the California Mountain Lion for years, and now it looks like I have a young bear to watch and study. His circumstances have been very different than being raised with a mother and sibling. He was orphaned as a cub and survived through one of California's most devastating wildfires, the Creek Fire. I have an older bear too. He greets me at the beginning of every season, then disappears into the forest. I always whisper to him, "Good luck my friend. Maybe we'll meet again soon." He's an old bear so, I never know. My thoughts for my readers; learn what you can when you can and put it to a good use, and always close the windows at night!