Virtual Chefs Fundraiser Cookbook

Cookbook Creations by Adults with Differing Abilities
By Dr. Juanita Pughsley

About This Book

Prince Georges Community Resources (PGCR) serves individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Challenges. They provide services and resources that enable their constituents to participate in the home and community environments. Not only does PGCR connect and inform of existing services in the community, but they also provide their own workshops, and social events. Daily Living IS Remote is one of the many programs supported by PGCR. This program started in 2019 and was originally designed by the instructor as an in-person Life Skills Series, until the pandemic of 2020 paused all in-person programming. However, with the help and support of PGCR Daily Living IS Remote – Cooking classes, began. "Virtual Chefs" is a cookbook that grew out of these virtual cooking classes. To express their appreciation to PGCR, the remote cooking class students along with their instructor created this cookbook as a fundraiser. It is their hope that the funds generated from this cookbook will help make continued programming possible through PGCR, for all who desire to participate in their service offerings. Please help us help PGCR continue the great work that they are doing for older teens and adults with developmental challenges by purchasing one of our cookbooks.


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About The Author

Dr. Juanita PughsleyDr. Juanita Pughsley is a retired Physical Therapist from PGCPS in Maryland. Her passion has always been to work with children and adults with activity and or physical limitations. She started Home Life Coaching LLC, just prior to the pandemic. Home Life Coaching provides life skills instruction to support independent living skills needed in the home environment.