11 Ways to Market your Cookbook

Christina - Apr 01, '19 - Corporate - Publisher's Corner


As you learned in Week 2 of the Procrastination No More Cookbook Author’s Training, it’s important to begin marketing your cookbook long before your cookbook is even finished. Marketing can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s actually quite fun! There are many channels and tactics you can take advantage of, and you don’t have to use them all! Create a strategy that best suits your platform and your audience.


Digital Marketing Channels



Document the process of creating your cookbook - people love to follow creative projects coming to life! Post pictures of your recipe cards, share pictures of your culinary masterpieces and give cooking tips to your audience. Your followers will love feeling connected to your project!



Instagram is the perfect platform to take your audience on a visual journey! Take advantage and create a beautiful Instagram page full of yummy recipe cards and scrumptious photos of delicious food!



Do you have a way with words? Then Twitter is for you! Tweet about your cookbook publishing journey. Maybe even throw in some humor. Make your audience laugh and you’ll have followers for life!



Give your audience a glimpse into your kitchen. Share how-to videos for cooking and take advantage of the screen time to mention the progress of your cookbook.



Begin collecting the emails of people interested in your recipes and your cookbook. Send weekly newsletters full of recipes, cooking tips, and of course, a cookbook update! Note: Don’t share all of your amazing recipes, (people need to buy your cookbook if they want them all) just give everyone a taste of what to expect! Leave them hungry for more.




Local Cooking Shops

Reach out to your local cooking stores and offer to host a few cooking demos in exchange for promoting your cookbook.



If you have a favorite ingredient or kitchen gadget reach out to the supplier and discuss a partnership. Exchange featuring their product in your cookbook for cookbook promotions! You can even think local. Does your community have a local honey supplier? Or maybe a local creamery? There are many ways to get creative, here!  



Do you have a favorite cause you just love to support? Partner with that cause and donate a percentage of your cookbook sales to it. Most causes would love to venture into such a wonderful project!  


Your Current Platform


Own a Shop, BnB, or Restaurant?

If you own a shop, restaurant or bed & breakfast, you already have a solid platform. Your customers! Use your cookbook to promote your business. Cookbooks are the perfect marketing tool for any business. You’re putting your brand in the heart of the home - the kitchen. Talk about serious impression building!    



Bloggers have the perfect platform and audience for a successful cookbook! Be sure to use your current platform to market your cookbook.


Email Signatures

Promote your cookbook in your email signature. A simple, “Check out my cookbook, Food, Family, and Friends”  will spark interest in and help drive traffic to your cookbook!  


Family and Friends

Word-of-mouth is the strongest form of marketing! Create buzz by telling your family and friends about your cookbook you’re publishing. Plan a launch party and get the whole community involved!


Want more tips for selling your cookbook? Stay tuned to the Cookbook Author's Training Webinar

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