2016 In Review

Courtney - Jan 19, '17

The new year has that funny way of making us all reflect on the recent past. Now that we have officially entered 2017, we have been doing some reflecting of our own. 2016 at CreateMyCookbook was a time for growth, innovation, and a lot of gratitude for the chefs that keep our dreams alive. It was the most successful year to date for helping people get more out of their cherished recipes. Here’s some of our favorite moments:


#1 New Products


2016 was a big year for innovation. We launched a brand new designer so that customers can change fonts, themes, and many other customizable features. We strove to meet a wide range of customer preferences with the final product. We released hardback wireo styles, binder cookbooks, eCookbooks for electronic devices, and new binding styles specifically for fundraisers. We set the goal to give customers more options and worked diligently to achieve that.






#2 Learning From Our Customers

We feel that the best way to learn what’s working is through customer feedback. Responses on customer feedback surveys prompted many of the innovations and features we decided to implement. Thank you to everyone that gave feedback, hopefully some of your needs have been answered with this year’s innovations!



#3 “Tell Us Your Cookbook Story” Survey

We were also pleased to learn the sentimental value our customers get from our product through a survey we sent out called, “Tell Us Your Cookbook Story.” It was incredible to hear people’s stories about what drove them to create a cookbook and how much they enjoyed the finished product. Some of them were even tear jerkers.


Overall, it has been an amazing year. And we have all the CreateMyCookbook chefs out there to thank for it. Here's to an even better year in 2017!

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