3 Reasons to Add Rite in the Rain® Paper to Your Cookbook

Ashley - Jul 20, '21 - Cookbook Ideas - Getting Started


Ashley here! Sharing the top 3 reasons you want Rite in the Rain® paper in your cookbook! Let's start with a cautionary tale.

My Granny absolutely spoiled me, and she was a Queen in the kitchen. She would whip up anything I desired - even my own PERSONAL batch of banana pudding.

On this particular day, when I asked to help, she pulled up a stool to the counter and let me stand on the top step. After filling a glass bowl with all of our pudding ingredients, Granny plugged in the mixer, popped in both metal beaters, and stuck them into the bowl. She let me hold the mixer as she turned it on low, helping me mix up all of our ingredients.

"I can do it by myself," I said... famous last words. She let go and watched me continue to mix the ingredients as she held onto the bowl to keep it from sliding all over the counter.

"That looks good!" she announced - her famous last words.

With that Granny smile of approval, I decided I was done and pulled the mixer out of the bowl. I know what you're wondering - did she skip over the part where she turned the mixer off first or... oh no... 

I did not turn it off. Instead, I sent fragments of pudding shooting all over the kitchen. Pudding stuck to the window, the counter, my Granny's wireframe glasses, my shirt, the stove, the cabinets, her cookbook, and pretty much anywhere else it could possibly stick.

In an effort to salvage what was left of her kitchen, Granny yanked the cord from the outlet (safety first, folks) and grabbed the mixer from my hands. We just stared at each other in silence for a few moments before I muttered, "I didn't know I was supposed to turn it off." Then we both cried laughing and began to clean up my mess.

My little brother, myself, and my sweet, ever-so-patient Granny 💕

I'd like to say those moments were reserved for my childhood, but I would be lying to you. I pride myself to be more than a mess in the kitchen. As everyone knows the best culinary creations come with a delicious mess! That's why Rite in the Rain® paper is the perfect choice to protect your cookbook!

It's sturdy.

CreateMyCookbook's Rite in the Rain® paper option is 32lb in weight and has a gorgeous matte finish. I'll get a little nerdy here and also mention that it also meets the archival criteria listed out in the Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives standard. In non-nerdy terms, this means that Rite in the Rain® can last several hundred years with normal use, will survive harsh elements, and even your attic's uncontrollable conditions. 

It's water and spill-resistant.

I tested this out myself. I assume I need not remind you about the beginning of this blog, but just to recall, I am incredibly messy in the kitchen. It truly does not matter what I'm doing: baking, cooking, mixing drinks. I will always spill something. So I decided to put Rite in the Rain® paper to the test. I'll show you some photos below of a few of the ingredients I spilled on my paper and how easily they wiped clean.

Malt Vinegar:


Balsamic Vinegar:


Vanilla Extract:


It's environmentally responsible. 

Rite in the Rain® paper is as recyclable as standard office paper, and the process used to create it was intentionally designed to have ultra-low impact on the environment. The manufacturer details the processes on the FAQ page if you're interested in reading more. Essentially, every aspect of production and how it can impact our environment has been considered. It's so nice to rest easy knowing that I can reap the benefits of spill-proof paper while knowing it isn't wreaking havoc on the environment. 

So there ya have it! Order your book with Rite in the Rain® paper today to prevent your own future kitchen catastrophes 😋

Ashley 💕

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