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CreateMyCookbook users Kevin and Meg Gines created their joint cookbook in an effort to raise the spirits of their friends and family during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially around the holidays. 

"We sent books around the country and hand-delivered the gifts to those who lived nearby," Meg says. "People were so surprised at what we had done, and I heard so many times how professional this cookbook was. When we delivered a cookbook to my son's workshop, the staff donned coats and masks to greet him at our van as he had not been to work since the pandemic started in March. They opened the gift and immediately showered us in praise and comments about it." Not only did the staff fall in love with the book, they also jumped right to Meg's store page and purchased their own copies. That's when the public relations manager of Kevin's workshop called a reporter from a local TV station to inform them of Meg and Kevin's incredible cookbook. "Before we knew it, we were on YouTube as well as being interviewed for the evening news via Zoom."

Meg says the only goal she and Kevin initially had was to bring joy and smiles to those whom they could not see during the holidays. They never imagined how it would all turn out. They even had a book signing in their home and signed each book.


Meg admits that she was a little intimidated at first so she only ordered one book as a test run. "When the first book arrived, I actually cried upon opening it. We didn't make one change. We just went right to the computer and placed our order for the rest of them."

"As we gift wrapped the last book, Kevin and I were both sad to see it all winding down, but even now we are still getting notes in the mail and even emails from people that we don’t know about our cookbook.  Doing this together with my son...the baking, the pictures, designing our shirts, making the cookbook, giving the gifts, made getting through this pandemic together tolerable. Something truly good did come out of the Covid -19 Pandemic."

Click here to watch Kevin and Meg's interview on WKBN. Their story is sure to warm your heart.

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