Dianne's Uplifting Cookbook Story

Courtney - Aug 18, '16 - Cookbook Ideas - Cookbook Stories


A few weeks ago we decided to ask our customers to tell us their "cookbook story". We understand how meaningful it is to preserve family recipes, but oh man, we had no idea what we were in for. Spoiler: fits of joy and a handful of tear-jerkers is what we were in for. We loved reading the responses, and most of all we loved hearing about the memories that can be created with a simple cookbook. 

Dianne's story particularly touched our hearts. Dianne decided to create her book after years of family pestering to preserve her Sunday dinner recipes. Sunday dinners in her household are like Saturday football in others - a sacred tradition. So, she finally listened to her their pleas: 

"When I came upon this site and saw how easy it was to put these recipes together in a logical order, I jumped at the chance."

Partially because they were the main members doing the pestering, Dianne's greatest inspiration for the cookbook was simple: "my children". 

Her most significant recipe? Well, that's a loaded question according to Dianne. While her mother-in-law's manicotti may be one of the tastiest, some of the most meaningful are her Christmas Eve recipes and the memories that come with them. Who doesn't love holiday cookies? 

Even the process of assembling her recipes brought her joy. Specifically, our feature that lets you give credit to the original chef.

"I think what made me the happiest was this way of assembling all of the recipes and letting all know whose recipe it was and where it originated. [It] was something I didn't even think was possible."

Thank you for sharing Dianne. We hope you continue to enjoy your family cookbook. We sure enjoyed hearing about it. 



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