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Hello, Teachers! 

Are you looking for a new and exciting method with which to teach your students? CreateMyCookbook is here with a unique activity for your students!

Over the years, we've seen many cookbooks created by students for class projects. This inspired us to put together these lesson plans that will guide your class through writing techniques in a fun and creative manner. Our lesson plans cover writing activities for three types of writing: narrative, persuasive, and expository. And the best part is your students will be able to express themselves using their own imagination and creativity. 

Individual or Group Lesson Plans

We offer both individual and group project lesson plans. Whether your student prefers the traditional scrapbook style or the ease of our cookbook designer, we can handle it all! When it comes time to print, we do suggest the $19.95 Wire-O Soft Cover binding style (includes up to 100 pages). Teachers may request a class project discount from support@createmycookbook.com. Additionally, group projects can be turned into a class fundraiser

Editable Worksheets and Grading Rubrics 

Our lesson plans are downloadable Word Documents that make it easy to edit the worksheets, grading rubrics, and lesson plans. 

Easy-to-use Designer 

Our easy to use designer allows students to easily add class essays to their cookbook with story pages.  

Turn your Class Project into a Fundraiser

Students can create a cookbook as both a class project and fundraiser. Have students raise money for class needs or charity with a cookbook they worked hard to complete. It makes your fundraiser both educational and meaningful. 

Happy Planning!

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