How to Name Your Cookbook

Caroline - Mar 28, '19 - Cookbook Ideas - Design - Getting Started - Publisher's Corner


You’ve got your recipes, you might even have some photos picked out, but do you know what to call your cookbook? Whether you’re selling your cookbook to customers or giving it to family, having a good title is important. It is the first thing people see, after all! Here are some tips and suggestions to help you name your cookbook.


Think about your audience

Who is going to receive or buy your cookbook? Your ideal customer might be a mom looking for easy weeknight meals, or a tourist hoping to take home a taste of your city. What keywords or ideas will appeal to that person? Do they want "5 Easy Ways..." or "Down Home Cooking?"


Be specific

What are your recipes all about? Southern family recipes, gluten-free eating, or a collection of your best desserts? Let your audience know what to expect, and make them want to turn the pages to see more. Use keywords or terms that tell a little bit about your contents, without being too wordy. Think focused, but not too narrow. 


Use Your Subtitle

Along with a concise title, you can add a subtitle to give more details. If you have a lot to say about what’s in your book or have a super-specific focus, keep it simple in the title and narrow it down in the subtitle. Here's an example from a cookbook that's both regional and personal: "Mom's Maryland Kitchen: Seafood and other specialties from a childhood on the Chesapeake Bay". 


Make it Personal

You want your cookbook to be unique so it stands out on the shelf. Who inspires you in the kitchen? If your recipes are collected from your grandma or your hometown, give them a nod. Your title is the first place to let your personality shine. Colleen's title "Eat Dessert First" hints that this is going to be a fun cookbook that might break from some usual kitchen traditions. Make sure that the title is true to you as the author. 


Test it Out

Now that you’ve got some ideas for your title, go ahead and test drive it! Write it down. Say it out loud. It’s not a baby, so you don’t have to imagine yelling your cookbook title at the playground, but it should have a nice flow when you say it out loud.

Next, try adding the title to the cover of your cookbook and play around with the styling to see how it looks. You want the title to be legible and have the right impact- so use font selection thoughtfully. You can get some great tips for customizing your cookbook cover here

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