How to Promote a Cookbook: 5 Ideas from Authors & Publishers

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The sales of a cookbook should never be neglected. People love to cook and receive appreciation from others. 

A study conducted by the NPD shows that in 2018, the sales of cookbooks during the first 6 months were 22 percent greater than the previous year's sales. The total sales in the cookbook category are reported to rise with every passing year. 

Another study shows that even before the sudden onset of Covid-19, there was a high demand for cookbooks in the market.  It was also mentioned in the discussion that during the social distancing pandemic, people are spending most of their time cooking and baking at home. 

It shows that cooking is not only a need but also one of the most popular hobbies out there. For the authors or publishers who want to invest their time in creating a cookbook, there are plenty of creative ways to market their books. 

This post consists of 5 effective ideas from various successful authors and publishers for promoting a cookbook. It does not matter whether you are a newbie looking for advice or if you are an expert who wants to boost sales as the following ideas offer the best marketing ideas. 

Let us explore them one by one:

Announce a Discount for Your eCookbook

The first promotional tip for a cookbook is to announce discounts for the eBook. Giving a discount is one of the most effective strategies to increase the sales of a cookbook. It is effective for both new books and even backlist titles. 

Let us take an example of a cookbook, "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat." Even after many years of its first publication, the discounted eBook is reported to generate massive sales. The eBook also received tremendous visibility on online book platforms.

Another discounted eBook named "Rose's Baking Basics" was sold for $2.99 during the first year of its publication. The promotion of the book, along with marketing of other new books from the same author, including "Rose's ice cream Bliss," resulted in total sales of $16,000 plus. 

The takeaway? Offer a discount on your cookbook to get more sales. Consumers love a discount, and they are likely to buy your cookbook at a discounted price. You can also offer bundle pricing, holiday discounts, promo codes, or special gifts to entice consumers. 

Encourage Customers for a Pre-Order 

The announcement of a new cookbook is the same for an author or a publishing company. Many authors and publishers start promoting their cookbooks before the launch date to create hype and encourage people to place an order in advance. 

William Brooks is a publisher who sells the book in different genres. It posted a mesmerizing photo of its upcoming cookbook from the genre of cooking. For customer convenience, the publisher included a link to the retailer where readers could make an order in advance. 

Ina Garten, a famous cook, posts a picture with a book on her Instagram account when she wants to receive a good response for her latest cookbook. She also provides a link in the caption for the customers to pre-order it. The above examples should give you an idea about how you can easily promote a cookbook. 

Post Pictures on Social Media Accounts

To get an overwhelming response for a cookbook, authors and publishers should post photos of different recipes on social media accounts. Uploading delightful and stunning photos on social media accounts allows one to attract readers and boost their interest. 

Authors can attract customers with mesmerizing photos of the dishes they make. Keen followers who want to learn more, eat good food, and impress others with their cooking skills will be most likely to make a purchase.  

The author of many Italian cookbooks, Domenica Marchetti, has a captivating Instagram account with millions of followers. On her social media account, she shares her cooking recipes and posts engaging content to keep users hooked. She takes complete advantage of her social media presence.   

Offer Discount on the Cookbook in Various Territories

Next, it is important to promote your cookbook to customers in various geographic locations. With worldwide exposure, an author can generate more sales and bring in more revenue. 

Promoting your book across the globe in countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia can help increase the sales of the book and also exposure in the mentioned regions.

Give Cooking Lessons on Social Media Accounts or IGTV

Never forget to work on your social media account if you want to reach a larger number of customers worldwide. Give cooking lessons on social media or IGTV to attract customers who want to cook your best foods. These platforms allow authors to share pre-recorded videos with their subscribers. 

When delivering a cooking lesson on your Instagram or Facebook account or IGTV, make sure to share the details of your cookbook and also mention where it is available.

An author can also communicate various promotions or discounts to their customers through social media to generate more sales.

Sunday Stir posted an IGTV video of one of its authors presenting a recipe.  This helped subscribers watch the video anytime for assistance. The use of social media accounts or IGTV videos is not only limited to cooking. Other businesses like carpet cleaning can use it in the same way.

Final Thoughts

Launching and promoting a cookbook in the market is simple if you know the right techniques. I am sure that the above 5 ideas from experienced authors and publishers will inspire you and inform you about how to sell more copies of a new book. From announcing discounts to giving cooking lessons on social media, it has never been this easy to promote a cookbook.  

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