Marrying People and Recipes

Courtney - Jul 25, '16 - Cookbook Stories

We asked a few customers to share the stories that inspired them to make a personal cookbook, and we received truly heartfelt responses. One great story came from Jan who compiled family recipes to give to her daughter and future son-in-law as a wedding present. 

Jan said that she "gathered recipes from family members on both sides and many friends, and presented the book to [her] daughter at her wedding shower."

Jan's Cookbook Cover

The gift of these recipes from so many loved ones was not only thoughtful, but encouraging as well. Collecting recipes for this turning point in her daughter's life strengthened Jan's connection with family whom she does not see regularly.

"It was fun reconnecting with family members I hadn't spoken to for so long," Jan said. "I was amazed at the response I received. Everyone wanted to be included."

Getting everyone together over a cookbook allows family and friends to share memories through food and pass along meaningful recipes. Jan's story and beautiful cookbook should inspire everyone to gather around family recipes and create new memories.

Feel free to share your CreateMyCookbook story with us.

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