Music to My Cookbook

Christina - Jun 07, '18 - Cookbook Ideas - Cookbook Stories - Fundraising

What do you get when you mix music and food? A cookbook with recipes that are like music to your ears! That is exactly what R.W. Johnson High School Band orchestrated this year.  

R.W. Johnson High School Band is a largely hispanic school rich with wonderful families, students, faculty, administration and FOOD! At an annual band potluck the band collected family favorite recipes to contribute to a community cookbook fundraiser. Kelsey Brunson, the middle school band director and lovely wife to D.I. (the mastermind behind the High School Band), says “the food is always amazing!” It was the potluck itself that inspired their cookbook. Her favorite recipes are the horchata and fresh waters; which FYI-- these delicious treats can be found in their cookbook!

Once the cookbooks were created students were responsible for selling books and collecting money. The band director, D.I. said, “this not only helped to raise money, but also helped to instill a sense of responsibility in the students.” Which strongly aligns with R.W. Johnson High School Bands mission:

“To promote lifelong learning and character growth through rigorous musical development. While instilling an appreciation of the arts, we aim to empower students by acknowledging individual differences, sustaining family atmosphere, and utilizing our differences to foster community.”  

We here at CreateMyCookbook think that is an amazing mission and are honored to be apart of the journey to fulfill it. Thank you to D.I, Kelsey, the R.W. Johnson High School administration and mostly the students and families. It is your hard work and passion that inspires the community around you!

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