Acton Academy's Next Top Chefs

Christina - Jun 15, '18 - Cookbook Ideas - Cookbook Stories

Watch out Placer County! We have found the next two up-and-coming chefs, Morgan and her sister Brielle. At the impressive age of seven and five, these soon-to-be famous chefs are cooking up delicious plates and developing cookbooks that have something for everyone.

The girls have already debuted their entrepreneur skills at their school’s (Acton Academy) business fair. Acton Academy believes students learn best from project based learning. Thus, kids are sent on “quests” and must use their own creativity to succeed.

When Acton Academy challenged their students to create a functioning business plan, Morgan and Brielle did not disappoint. Inspired by cooking shows such as, Top Chef Junior and a passion for healthy food, the girls created a product perfect for any household family, a cookbook titled, Healthy Food For Kids.

Their cookbook is a collaboration of recipes from their own kitchen and family members of Acton Academy. It is a timeless piece with wonderful recipes, beautiful photos and a touch of humor including a page dedicated to the to the less than helpful little brother (see image below).

Great job, Morgan and Brielle! The team at CreateMyCookbook was so impressed with your cookbook. With passions like yours, we know you both will have great success in your futures!

Thank you, Acton Academy for allowing us to share your student’s wonderful story.  If you would like to learn more about their quest, check out their video here. 

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