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The Journey

March 8th, 2019 began the trip of a lifetime for Monique, Ryan and their dog Izzie as they began their travels around the US in their RV. Before their adventure began, Ryan and Monique lived and worked full time in Boston, Massachusetts. During their time in Massachusetts they would split cooking meals throughout the week. Ryan was always more of a natural cook, but Monique was up for any challenge with their new lifestyle. Monique switched to Vegan about 2 years prior to their travels, but after hitting the road, Ryan's diet quickly changed!


The Inspiration

Being a Vegan and traveling called for some creativity in the kitchen! Our cookbook is not only Vegan, but filled with simple recipes that anyone could learn! We were inspired to create a cookbook when so many of our family and friends showed their interest in what we were eating. Since switching to the Vegan diet, Ryan's health improved; he dropped weight and his cholesterol numbers lowered! Our cookbook is special because everything was created in our tiny kitchen while traveling from state to state. If it can be made in our 25 foot RV, it can be made anywhere.

The Goal

The goal of our cookbook is to help as many people that we can to be more aware of what they're putting into their bodies up to three times a day. Eating plant based has never been easier and we are here to help you get all of your nutrients!

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