New Designer Features: Spring 2018

Caroline - Apr 18, '18


We've been busy so far this spring rolling out some new features that we think you'll really love.

Themes: new ways to start your book with style

Start a new cookbook to see our theme options- these styles each have their own default cover images and colors, as well as font pairings that give your book personality from the start.

Prefer to design your book from the ground up? You can choose the “blank” option to start off with a clean slate. No matter what theme you pick you can still edit fonts, styles, and photos as you go- this is just a new way to get started.

Screen Shot Themes

New and improved recipe contribution

Share existing recipes right from your account to other users when they send you an invite. No need to retype a recipe that you already have in your recipe box.

Screen Shot Contribute

Are you adding friends to your project? You can now copy and paste a shareable invite link- super helpful if you’re requesting recipes from a group but you don’t have email addresses for everyone.

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