Tidying Up Your Recipes

Caroline - Jan 17, '19 - Cookbook Ideas - Organization


The New Year is a perfect time to start fresh, declutter, and get organized. Ready to clear off the kitchen counter (or finally face that junk drawer)? Here are some reasons why it might be time to tidy up your recipe collection.

Get Those Recipes Backed Up

Your digital photos are all backed up. How about your recipes? By entering them in your online Recipe Box, you're protecting yourself from whatever 2019 brings.

Bring It All Together

Creating a cookbook means you can save all of your sentimental items in one place. Scan Grandma's sweet handwritten recipe cards and all your family photos for a unique memory book that you can use all the time.

We Make It Easy

Overwhelmed with recipes? No worries. Try using WeTypeIt- just snap photos of your recipes and we’ll enter them in your online Recipe Box for you. No matter who does the typing, your Recipe Box is a great organizational tool. Categorize your recipes so you can put together your cookbook in just a few clicks. 

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