Tips for Virtual Happy Hour

Christina - Apr 21, '20 - Corporate - Social Distancing


At CreateMyCookbook, we love our lunch hour. It’s an hour where the team gets to catch up on all the funny stories, share weekend adventures, and laugh about anything really. Going from a tight knit team to a remote team has been a big change. 

Within a few days, we found ourselves missing our daily rituals. As we navigate this new world of remote working from home, we’ve come up with a new weekly ritual to keep the team feeling connected - virtual happy hour. How does it work? Easy, once a week we set aside an hour where we video call in with our favorite drink/snack and just catch up. It’s crazy how much you can really feel like we are all there together. Here are a few tips for hosting your own virtual happy hour.

Happy hour can mean anything from wine to chocolate milk


When people hear “happy hour” they often think wine or beer, but happy hour can be anything! Be sure to let your guests know you’re really just wanting to catch up. Here’s the perfect way to invite your group. 

“Grab you a cup of tea, glass of wine, or whatever makes you happy and let's enjoy a weekly hour of each other.”

Pick a video platform everyone can use


If you’re a team you probably already have a platform you use for meetings, but for family and friends ask and see what everyone has. You don’t want to invite your friends with an Android to a FaceTime group happy hour. There are plenty of free options available from Zoom to Skype. 

Keep the happy hour going


And I don’t mean all night! What I mean is make it a weekly event. This gives you and your family and friends something to look forward to. It also allows those that couldn’t join this week to join next. 

Having any yummy happy hour drink recipes you'd like to share? Share them with our CreateMyCookbook - Family Recipe Group!

Stay well, 

Christina 💕

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