5 Benefits of CreateMyCookbook's WeReviewIt Service

Guest Blogger - Jul 20, '21 - Design


You asked. We listened. Meet WeReviewIt, our file review service! Here to give you some extra peace of mind before placing your cookbook order!

When you’ve spent so much time and energy creating a cookbook, the last thing you want is to receive your books only to discover there’s something not quite right that could have been prevented. 

We’re a fresh set of eyes!

You’ve been working on your project for hours, days, weeks and months (yes, in some cases even years) on end. I know this seems like a good thing - you’ve dedicated the time and devoted so much love to this important project so it would seem all your bases are covered and any mistakes or issues should have been caught by now. However, it can be difficult to spot some issues if you’ve been working so closely on a project for such a long period of time. You stare and pore over page after page and it all starts running together. Finally, you get to a point where you just want it to be finished. Can I get an “amen”?

We can help you resolve any warnings that appear.

You’ve looked at your proofs in Adobe Acrobat and everything looks okay, but you still see proof warnings on your files. You think everything is good, but is it? Our experts are trained to spot things in your proof files that might not be obvious right away. Better yet, they can provide you with an extra layer of assurance that your files are okay to send to the printer even with proof warnings. Sometimes, for instance, you may receive an overflow warning or bad character warning on a page but it looks okay to you. Our staff can take a second look for you to confirm that for you, or provide tips on how to make any necessary adjustments.

We’ll make sure your book cover wows readers!

Worried about whether the text on your cover is centered or if your photo takes up enough space? We’ll review that too! Our cookbook experts can provide you with tips to correct potential issues with your cover so that it arrives looking professionally made. Keep in mind, however, that we do not provide advice on correcting color, lightness, darkness or other potential photo issues.

You can rest easy.

We’ll crush that anxiety you have about submitting your order. While we don’t review for spelling or grammar, we do spot design issues and help you fix any problems that you might have missed whether it’s as small as forgetting to update your spine text or as large as forgetting an entire Table of Contents page. We understand that our customers are chefs, home cooks, people who just love food or being in the kitchen. We don’t expect you to be designers too. Our experts will jump in and make sure your book is in tip-top shape so it’s something you can be proud to own! 

We provide you with personal and specific feedback.

Our WeReviewIt team will send you a video with tips and resolutions tailored for you and your book. While our rockstar support team is outstanding, some responses to inquiries are more general in nature. Our WeReviewIt service takes it a step further for more personalized tips for making your book the best it can be.

These are just a few of many reasons you might consider using our WeReviewIt service. It’s an extra layer of assurance that your book is print-ready. Plus, as a bonus, you get honest feedback from our experts telling you all the awesome things they saw in your book! The encouragement and well-deserved accolades for all of your hard work are well worth the small price of this service. To find out more, check out our WeReviewIt page. 

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